Daily Photo Hunt

Danny Brando in New Jersey is doing a DailyPhotoHunt. He explains, "A digital scavenger hunt where creativity is all you need to find the target in the world around you.  Every day I post a new topic on Twitter via @DailyPhotoHunt. The purpose is to challenge anyone interested to take a picture(s) in that day that represent the topic to them, tweet it, and tag it with #DailyPhotoHunt"...

Why did I decide to do this project? I was originally inspired by something similar being done by @DailyShoot (which has since closed down).  While they were geared more for serious photographers, I wanted my project to be more of a fun scavenger hunt using whatever photographic equipment you have with you (mostly smart phones).  I was re-inspired by Noah Scalin after hearing him speak about his Skull-A-Day project.  I guess I was searching for a creative outlet.  I'm now committed to the hunt every day.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Its probably too soon to claim any dramatic effect on my life yet, but I do feel as though my mind is more open to creative ideas.  I already find that I am applying more creative thinking in my other work.

Follow Danny's hunt on his blog HERE or in Twitter HERE

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