365 Limericks and More

Uli Chapa in San Antonio, Texas is creating 365 Limericks and More...

Medication recycling 

"Myrtle, have you seen my pills?"
Barney to his wife yells.
Myrtle stopped pouring coffee
Wondering why Barney is getting huffy
Then realized with a start --
Yesterday she planted seeds
That were Barney's pills indeed.

Myrtle's eyesight is failing.

Why did you decide to do this project? I like limericks. They are witty and often irreverent. I like putting words together. Limericks reflect the way I see life: with a sense of humor and ready laugh.

Because we are so pressed for time, a limerick can be written anywhere and quickly read. Also, since it is my first time participating in a 365 project, I didn't want to overwhelm myself but have fun from the get-go. I might change it up a bit with other projects as time goes on.

I had planned already do something for 52 weeks, when I found your web site. I ordered the book and was even more inspired that I shared it with a friend. I'm a writer stuck on writer's block. Writing and posting something every day, like limericks, seemed a good way to get out the rut. At the same time, I stay amused and entertain others.

Sin pantalones! 
Young man with his pants low
Had to walk really slow
When suddenly the bus passed by
Young man really had to fly
Run, Forrest, run
Hobble, bobble, wobble
Oh, how embarrassing it was
to fall on his paws
In the end his trousers lost.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? When I started this project, I had to think hard what to write. Now the limerick/poems come from what I see/hear/smell around me -- life – and my imagination. I look forward every day to creating on. I also noticed that I share my project with people; my self-esteem is up. I may not be the greatest poet but that's okay. I'm in it for the fun and laughter.
Chicken pox is no fun

I had a strange encounter
I woke up with a rash
Raw pockmarks only rounder
Oozing and itching mad
"How could this happen?"
I queried the thin air, and
On the verge of despair
I realized
I sobbed
My, it can only be chicken pox.

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Thank you, Noah! Cheers to today!