Book 365

Amy Morse an Artist and Writer based in Bristol UK is doing a project called Book 365.

Why did you decide to do this project?  I made a commitment to myself to do something creative every day and it was friend who is doing a 365 project on boats that inspired me.  All I needed then was a theme.  I chose 'books' because as a writer, it combined my passion for art and writing rather neatly and also gave me permission just to play.

The first book I cannibalised for the project was from a charity shop, but still, taking apart a book did feel criminal.  I have a quiet reverence for books, in themselves they are an object of beauty and satisfaction, their smell, feel and texture, they are a gift you can open again and again - but once I took craft knife to paper I had crossed that line and there was no stopping me.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I started it on 1st January, it seemed fitting to do it over a calendar year and sat well with the new years resolution to be more creative.  So far, I've not had any difficulty making myself do it, in fact, I have neglected other things in the spirit of my creative discoveries, if anything, I have to discipline myself not to make a meal of it at the expense of getting other things done. 

My second piece was an art journal and I carry it around with me and jot down my ideas so that if I ever do get stuck for inspiration, I have a reference point (although so far I've not got stuck, if anything, I've struggled to decide what to do next!).  Where possible I am trying make things that have a practical purpose.

See all of Amy's books HERE.


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Luna Staple said...

Amy your creations are fantastic! You have been busy, can't wait to see some of it next month :)