That Which Excites Me Follow-Up

Sarah in Ontario completed her yearlong daily project That Which Excites Me on January 13, 2013...

My brother Peter because this drawing almost made him cry.

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? Commitment.  Finding the gem in the day that somedays felt like a plain old bowl of oatmeal.  There was always something worth reflecting on. 
My son's bubble wrap calendar because he cried when the year was done.

In what ways did the project change your life? I hate the posts where I was feeling sorry for myself.  I have to figure my way around that, express myself in a less pathetic way.  No one wants to read pathetic. 

Our vegetable garden because it was so exciting to take food from the ground into our kitchen.

Now what? I must create every day still.  It feels nice to take a break, maybe, but I still need to create every day.  I have a couple of big projects I have taken on but I still have journals to fill.

My last entry because it meant so much.

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Our cat's bum because it is so darn adorable.

See all of Sarah's projects on her blog HERE.

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