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In September of 2012 Richard Radstone completed his amazing Project-365 in which he interviewed a complete stranger every single day for a year.  He has now begun work on a brand new project he calls Operation-365. Below he talks about the inspiration for this new project and how his life was transformed by his original project...

September 9, 2011... the day my one-year journey began. For 365 consecutive days... approach, interview and photograph a complete stranger, then, every day process the photos and blog about the experience. It was a sleepless year, but well worth it.

I spoke with thousands of people and formally interviewed hundreds. All came from the greatest diversity of culture and outlook. I was hugged, fed and trusted, as well as ignored, spit upon and pushed aside. And, in all, one grand truth emerged... we are all undeniably in this life experience together.

Remarkably, the majority of those I approached subscribed to a similar hope for a more caring and connected people. Equally as impactful were the many who subscribed to and commented on the projects blog roll. Communications from just about every part of the free world arrived on a daily basis; and through it, grew a neighborhood far beyond my Los Angeles boarders.

I’ve grown to call us “The Silent Majority.” The you and I’s that pass shoulders every day in every part of this planet Earth; that sphere of perpetual movement that we label as society, workplace, and even, family.

That beginning blog, grew to own its own title, “Project-365.” And with it, the path of my career has been literally redirected, and, best of all, it is for the betterment of more than just myself. Sure, my outlook towards the world has blossomed, and my understanding of fellow human matured, but better yet, I’ve witnessed first hand that the world is shrinking in more ways than we realize.

Absolutely, technology has brought the information stream to our fingertips. A chisel has been placed in our hands; a streaming tool that if used responsibly, can help us to chip away at the walls of fear that separate far too many of us.

Walls whose foundations are weak from overly exploited media, hidden agendas, and destructive gossip. Virtual barriers that through our efforts are slowly falling as we stand up to shout in unison, “We are all human!” 

One year of Project-365 past, conversations with over two thousand strangers, formal interviews of hundreds more, and comments submitted from all over the globe have taught us a unifying and powerful perspective.

The borders of fearful silence that have separated so many are beginning to open. I believe this in the deepest depths of my heart. It’s been proven to me not by my own means, but via the words of the many who have so bravely shared their stories through Project-365.

The world is growing to become a much smaller planet for all who have the courage, and stamina, to enlist in mutual cause. Absolutely, there will never be a time when we will all agree on any one issue. And, without a doubt, life has the potential to break us all with its vast and complex set of circumstances. But, with pause, as we examine this experience we call self... there is a universal builder greater than any other man created opinion, “The power of accepting love.” 

Technology has given us a remarkable tool; one that let’s us look far beyond our own geographical limitations and biased perceptions. Project-365 has proven there are many who are willing to do the face-to-face work that is required to reach out within their individual neighborhoods and cultures. Yes, one sleepless year has taught me well, and anchored to my own life history of ups and downs, I have been profoundly and irreversibly affected. There is no looking back now, only forward, as I dedicate the rest of my breathing days to do all that I can to connect as many people as possible in sharing a common mission: To look upon each other with a greater desire to simply... “Understand.”

I wish a great wish: That we unite in this virtual world, only to use it as a starting point to a much more tactile and global effect – “Eyes up and open to the world” from hence fourth... our call as we charge forward into the next chapter of building this very attainable community.

Welcome to Operation-365 my new friends... we are no longer strangers.

24/7… 365 days a year, we are an interactive, growing and forward thinking community… a living, breathing society of people of all beliefs, circumstances and mindsets. We are optimistic and inclusive, with doors open to all who embrace the embodiment of our mission: “To champion the individual voice, while building bridges towards a greater understanding of our neighbors.”

There are many ways people around the world can engage with us, and with each other… In doing so, they join together as active participants in a unifying global outreach. One that holds strong to a singular call to action: “To awaken and unite through a simple re-programming of the way we think of, interact with and view one another.” We truly are building an internationally vibrant community – one that is open-eyed and awakened. A place where mind and actions transcend the information stream as we all look up and outward; even towards one another.

Operation-365… A culture where the voice of the individual is remarkable! 

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