Zoë Edmonds in Elias Calles, Baja California Sur, Mexico is creating ZOELAB 365. She explains, that it's, "365 days of words and image (with additional music and video on occasion) every day for one year. A spontaneously unfolding autobiography about my past, present and future as I build a creative life with my husband and son off the grid in Baja, Mexico. The goal is to live life as art, and keep up my creative flow as well as balance, and inspire others to give up a little practicality in order to live an enchanted life."

Why did you decide to do this project? In September I was inspired by reading The Happiness Project and decided that I wanted to create my own improvised Happiness Project in blog form. The key features of my happiness project are: creativity, productivity and honesty. After moving to Mexico and becoming a Mom, I really missed my inner creative world as well as being connected to other people--and thought that this blog would increase my connection to a creative community. I wanted to chronicle and share the amazing and unusual life that we are living--which truly leaves me feeling grateful everyday. I have discovered that the keys to my happiness are: creativity, community, balance, compassion and honesty. I am using myself as a guinea pig and learning tool in these pursuits--to see how I can apply my lessons learned to my work as a creativity teacher and coach. (www.arforlifebaja.com)

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? This project has gotten me in touch with my creative dreams and my true self, which has sped up my path of spiritual, artistic and vocational development. My site creates a space of integration for dual aspects of self as well as my varied interests--and the result is I am developing deep compassion for the complexities of being human. I am learning more about how to be a communicator and have reconnected with my life long desire to use the arts to communicate on a large scale. I have been experiencing intense feelings of passion, creative flow, inspiration, intellectual curiosity and desire to connect with people in honest, yet aesthetic ways. I am also getting back in touch with the importance of feminism and empowerment--to support, not only women, especially women who want to be communicators and leaders, but also to support the feminine principle--receptivity, intuition, emotion, wholeness, right brain attributes--in a culture that overvalues the linear logic of the left brain. The most surprising thing that I have experienced is that this drive and passion has helped me to overcome the fear and shyness of putting my work and beliefs out in the world. I find myself willing to connect with people in the public eye with no fear of judgment or rejection. This challenge has made me far more capable and productive than I previously imagined I could be.

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