Artpojeckt - 365 Collages and Assemblages Follow-up

Anita Westin in Sweden completed her 365 Collages and Assemblages project on March 25th 2013...

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? To do art-work even if I am not in the mood make me get into the mood. I get focused even if I am not when I start.  In fact I was convinced about the process before I started the project but now I really know what I am talking about. Inspiration isn´t the beginning. It comes with working on it!

In what ways did the project change your life? The project changed me in a way, I am much more dedicated to art-work today then when I started. I did want to have a studio on my own again and now I have it! I did move during the 365 project, and that made me have a break. I did use the camera all the time though, just to keep it going, but I didn't include those pics in the project. An other thing is that in the project I have chosen materials that I have not tried before and it makes me feel free in exploring new ways to make art, and I think that will show in my coming works.

Now what? I am going to keep the project in order in my books of photos, and in the boxes I have got for it. Maybe there will be a small exhibition, including the best items. I have not made a decision about that yet. But the important thing to me is that I will use the project as a bank of ideas and I have already started to make a four-part painting from one of the ideas. I enjoy it. I guess after a while I will start a new project since I do miss working on it already!

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