100 Earrings in 100 Days

Jodie Vieira of JoMarie Jewelry in Nashville, Tennessee is making 100 Earrings in 100 Days.

She explains, "I create a new pair of earrings everyday for 100 days straight.  Come rain or come shine, I must create a new pair of earrings everyday, no excuses.  I started on Wednesday, February 9th, so I'm on my 44th day, at first I found it to be very difficult.  Actually the first day I was so freaked out about my first pair that I couldn't even get started.  But that's part of the whole challenge, being able to get over the need to be perfect, because let's face it not all 100 pairs will be perfect.  There are days when inspiration is wanning or time is running out.  But there is no rule that every pair must be a masterpiece, the only rule is that I must post a picture of the new earrings to my facebook fan page by midnight (central time) every day.  I can use any materials, any style, and any techniques that I want.  And I can draw inspiration from anything and everything.  Which brings me to the main point of this project, and that is to expand my arsenal of skills.  Through this project I am able to try new techniques, use different materials and increase my creative capacity."

Why did you decide to do this project? I was inspired to start my own daily project after listening to  Noah's talk about the skull project at the Etsy Symposium. I had just started up my own jewelry shop on Etsy and was searching for ways to make it better (I'm continuously looking for ways to improve), and this just seemed like a perfect fit.  I needed to expand my line, as well as get over my perfectionism and learn new skills.  I'm not quite half way done, but I can already see the benefits.  I now have over 70 items in my shop, I took silversmithing classes which has opened up a whole new world to me,  and while I still struggle with perfectionism it's getting better!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? So far it has been a wonderful experience, I have a goal to work towards and push myself everyday.  I have several new designs that I have added to my etsy shop that I would never have come up with had it not been for this project.  And through the giveaway I have become much more involved with my customers, they comment on my new designs and post pictures of the earrings they have won.  It's become a little community, and their enthusiasm helps me to find the creative energy needed to make a new design everyday.

Check out Jodie's work on her blog, Facebook page, and Etsy shop.

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