Jacqueline Inwood Way in Vancouver, Cananda is doing a project called 365give. She explains, "365give is launched on a simple premise: One person wanted to create positive change in a world; one person wanted to leave a legacy of giving; one person wanted to create a movement that would mobilize people to give back every day of their lives. 365give is an online diary of one woman’s actions and impact in changing the world every day for 365days. 365give has the potential to create a movement of giving and a community of committed 'givers' that can educate and inspire future generations."

Why did you decide to do this project? I am a giving addict and I love to give, but as I recently became an adoptive mom and continued my life as a wife, a small business owner, a daughter  and sister, my giving actions needed to be rethought.  The 365give project enabled me to intentionally and thoughtfully give to my family, my community and friends and keep it in check.  What I did not expect but rejoice in is the effect that my daily intention has on my son and his development as a person.  As a journey, my giving has become more meaningful to us, it spurs creativity in our day, and I see how it has grown my relationships as I document my journey.  My giving which could have been viewed as a burden has flourished into a mission that gives not only to my community but also to me and my family.  Though this was not an intention to do this project but it has become my inspiration to continue the project.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? This yearlong project has focused me as a mom, a friend, a sibling and a wife.  I thought previously that giving had to be big, committed, lots of hours and in some cases a large monetary commitment.  I have learned that this is not true and the small micro-gives I do each day have brought me more joy than any large expenditure of time or money has ever done.  This keeps me in check, and teaches my son the concept of everything in moderation, dedication, commitment and compassion.  My old philosophy was go big or go home.  My new philosophy is slow and steady….a much easier and less stressful ideology that is more comfortable and more meaningful.

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