The Dragon Project

Christiana in Wood Heights, Missouri is on a quest to capture a dragon every day for a year in The Dragon Project...

Why did you decide to do this project? After having my creative self on a starvation diet of strictly functional creativity for years, I craved something more.  I longed to push past adding artistic touches to my day to day needs and jump headlong into exploring, learning and creating just for fun.  I had just made a deal with myself to start taking a bit of time to play each month when I came across Noah Scalin's book.  I told myself there was no way I'd have time for something everyday, but I still couldn't leave without the book.  So after some encouragement from my husband, I leapt into The Dragon Project.

How has doing a daily project affected your life? Everyday has become an adventure.  I'm learning how to use technology, trying out a variety of mediums and seeking out opportunities to do new activities.  You never know where a new dragon will pop up.  I've met them geocaching in the woods, shopping with friends, at local sketchcrawls and even had strangers tip me off to where I might find others.  I've found that I'm more excited to learn than afraid of failing.  That in itself is so exciting!!!  I love that I'm making new friends and I look forward to being inspired each day.  It's like waking up knowing that you're going to receive a present.  You can imagine how that's changed the way I see my surroundings!  I haven't been doing this challenge quite 2 months yet and already I can't picture my life without it.   

See how Christiana's dragon hunt is progressing HERE.

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Denise said...

A dragon a day to cure creative blahs...I like it!