Recycle Girl

Ren Geertsen in Taos, New Mexico is doing a project called Recycle Girl. She explains, "My goal is to make a recycled (or repurposed) project everyday for a year, meaning that I have to make something from what would otherwise be trash or is not really appealing in the form it is in (stained clothing, old picture frames, ugly furniture, etc.), using as little new material as possible."...

Why did you decide to do this project? I decided to do a year long project when I came into the store where I work and found a copy of "365 A Daily Creativity Journal."  Before I even finished glancing through it, I had made up my mind.  It sounded like so much fun!  The fact that it would take up tons of my time was intriguing to me because I had been partaking in too much unsuccessful dating and liked the idea of the project being a relationship of sorts, something that would require commitment and growth.  I decided on the recycled theme, because the store I work at, Seconds Eco Store, is full of beautiful recycled art and crafts, and I feel inspired to create just by being in the store.  Also recycling means free materials.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? The project has affected my life in many ways.  I am trying new things because a daily commitment requires that I try what ever idea I come up with that day, rather than waiting for a "good enough" idea.  I don't remember ever feeling like I was taping into as much creavitity before.  It seems to build on itself, one idea leads to another.  In many ways my life seems more chaotic.  I have piles of things I am collecting all over my house and things I've already created scattered everywhere.  That and the fact that I seem to have less time for things like dishes and scrubbing the toilet, make my house more of a mess.  I see the beauty and humor in that though, and it's worth all the fun I'm having.  I don't get lonely when I'm busy with a project, I'm spending less time going out and drinking, and I'm making new friends.  People are collecting things for me and  some of it I would never imagine wanting or using, which makes me get even more creative.  It's fun to show people what I made out of what they gave me.  I feel like a more interesting and unique person because of it.

See all of Ren's recycling projects HERE.


EITAKdesign said...

Amazing that you can recycle and re-purpose something every day...great projects!...And I love that your daughter also has her own recycle projects. I am constantly motivated and inspired for my 365 by my son too. Keep up the inspiring work...we could all use creativity to live a little greener!

Ren Geertsen said...

My daughter has mostly lost interest in doing her own projects, but she is a faithful gatherer of trash from her friends at school. She brings home chip bags, juice pouches, and foil yogurt lids. I like that this project has made finding value in throw away items a normal part of our daily lives.