Creatures and Ives

Chip Trout in Richmond, VA is doing a project he calls Creatures and Ives. He says, “After considering several options I decided to go with this. I came up with it after looking at a tattered Currier & Ives book we had sitting in a give away pile. As I thumbed through the pages I noticed that many of the drawings had scenes and characters that were extremely active; ice skating, sled races, fire fighting, hunting, etc. The sledding scenes looked as though they were running from something rather than racing. I did a quick proof of concept (see below) to see if it was viable.”...

Why did you decide to do this project? This was something optional that our team at Snagajob decided to do as a creative exercise. It was open to any subject matter and medium. People are doing everything from sculpture to photography. It's been great to see the variety of work being created.

(be sure to click for the larger version of this image and a surprise)

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It's provided me with a dedicated "creative" time. It's easy to come home flip on the TV and veg out for hours on end. The discipline of creating something everyday ensures that at least once a day I'll be faced with a solving a creative challenge. It's also been something my kids look forward seeing every night. It's great to see their reaction and I even ask for their input so they can feel involved.

See all of Chip's creatures on his site HERE.

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