Here's Looking At Hue

Anonymous is doing a project cataloging inspirational work by color called Here's Looking At Hue...

Why did you decide to do this project? 
Part 1: Why I started HLAH
Here's Looking At Hue was created as a tool to catalog the designs, art, typography, photography and other found material that inspired me.

Part 2: The evolution of HLAH
After a few postings, it occurred to me that I wanted HLAH to be more than a website where images are stored. I had designed it with infinite scroll, so you didn't have to click over to see more images, and I enjoyed that feature, but for the times, when I really just needed one image and I had to scroll all the way through I realized it would be more valuable if you could sort the pictures by what you needed and not just browse. So, I began cataloging the images by color and created the menu bar at the top so I could easily sort the images as I needed.  For people making mood boards or other inspirational pieces, HLAH can be a handy tool. Not only can they sort the images by color and find that perfect Aqua picture. The content is also refreshed daily, so they are viewing new fodder for thought, while still having access to my library of previous posts.

The second reason for evolving the site was to actually resist the ease of reposting the images. The reason for this are is two fold: 1) I feel it encourages people to actually seek out and explore artists and images that move them. 2) To try and prevent the avalanche effect. When I say avalanche effect I mean when users repost something so quickly and often that they create an avalanche of that one artist or image which circulates over and over, and results with the members of the community only seeing a limited amount of content.

Part 3: Future of the site.
I would love to create a community of catalogers as this project expands and bring together people with vast interests to collect what they find interesting. I see the categories ranging from art to science and everything in between.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Taking this project on has forced me to simplify my life. I prioritize differently and make decisions about what I do based on the fact that I have to find time to: 1) find work that is inspiring, 2) curate the images so they tell a new story, 3) find time to post and 4) still run my freelancing business. When time wasters come up like wanting to sit down and watch the whole first season of a TV series (mad men*cough*east bound and down), it makes that decision easy to identify and remove because I know it isn't as satisfying as discovering something new. Don't get me wrong, I think down time is valuable, and by no means do I think of myself as an all work and no play person. But I feel empowered and honestly want to work on my blog, and that is a good feeling.

Building this site has really exposed me to the community for artists that exists online.  I’ve been astounded how friendly and open-minded people are and I’ve made a lot of acquaintances on Twitter of folks that support HLAH - their comments and feedback is invaluable.

I look forward to where the rest of the year takes me.

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