360 Hearts

Aude-Noëlle Nevius in Jackson, Wyoming is doing the My 360 Hearts, A Full Circle Project. She explains, "I used Noah Scalin's concept of 365, or a project a day, and tweaked it to 360, as I liked better the idea of a full circle, seeing where I would be on the art plane at the end of the rotation. As far as choosing the heart as a theme, I had not thought yet of pursuing this project but had been making some basic collages with hearts. When I found Noah's book, it all made sense after a few days, and I decided to commit."...

Why did you decide to do this project? I felt that I needed to do something creative on a regular basis in order to boost my creativity in my artwork as an illustrator/designer, as well as support my spiritual path.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I have made 4 entries so far this week, and I love the process. It brings me a challenge to face. I like to look at Noah's suggestion for the day, and let it simmer overnight, and work on it the next day or so. It certainly makes me think out of the box, and do things I would not think of creating, and be more out in the world and less in my studio. It's actually addicting!

See all of Noëlle's hearts HERE.

And check out the nifty modified version of my logo she made for her project!...

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