The Thirty-Third Project

Megan E. Evans in the Denver Metro area, Colorado is doing The Thirty-Third Project. She explains, "I turned 32 in March. So while I live through my thirty-third year of life, I decided to create daily for one year."... 

Why did you decide to do this project? I just recently did some pretty extensive (and sometimes touchy, feely, but helpful) personal investigation with a career counselor and found that I thrive on variety and creating. These things are almost a life force for me, and I haven't been focusing on them at all. So for this year I decided to explore, with no real frame of reference other than just to create, whether that be painting or photography or mixed media or food—I would just think about it one day at time and do it.

A while back I wrote this about why I write (as I'm a novice fiction writer, too). But it also applies to art and craft creation:

Why I must create: It is within me. It is given to me—it is beauty I must give.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I've been doing the project now for 60 days. I love that each day there's one thing that I've done that I can say "Hey, I did that" no matter how wonderful or really crappy it is. (And some things come out pretty crappy.) It helps me shed some of my perfectionism. It also helps me realize what I'm good at and what I want to explore even further. It's therapy for me in a way. And I'm excited to see what things will come about as I continue throughout the year. Who knows… I have no limits (other than time) and that's exciting, too.

See all of Megan's 32nd year HERE or HERE.

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evermeg said...

Noah, thanks! I've been checking this blog and have continually been inspired. So glad to be included.

Have fun on YOUR June 4 Skull Appreciation day, too!