Knit A Year

Jay Hudson in London, UK is doing a Knit A Year.

Jay explains:  Cast on 15 stitches of yarn & then knitting a minimum of 2 rows every day for a year. Each day I will choose a piece of yarn that draws me & knit. All of the yarn used will be recycled, upcycled, charity shop, freecycled, gifted to me or found/reused fabric or anything that I think I can knit with! Alongside this I will be keeping a journal with a piece of the yarn & some thoughts for each day & posting on the blog recording progress. The final piece of knitting will become a hanging with a strand on the back to represent each of the 365 days.

Why did you decide to do this project?  I had heard of the idea & was inspired to set myself the challenge with the idea of exhibiting the final piece as my 1st ever exhibition.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It has been both a challenge & something that has kept me going throughout a difficult year of ill health & being a carer of a teen with mental health issues.It has affected me on a profound level, showing me inner strength & that no matter what the spark of creativity is there to be found on even the darkest days.

See all of Jay's knitting HERE.

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