Lorina's 365 Creative Creations

Lorina Daiana in Brea, California is doing 365 Creative Creations...

She explains...
While working on my architecture portfolio I started thinking of the power of practice. I remembered when I first got Photoshop and was overwhelmed with the program and after trying it again and again I now can’t see myself without it. It has helped me so much, and that goes for my art, photography, architecture, etc. The more practice we have the better we get, it is proven in our lives and around us daily. There is one thing that stands in our way; commitment! If we do not plan to do it, most likely we will not. Therefore I came up with this idea; to do a project a day for 365 days. This will help me improve my creative thinking and my portfolio. After mentioning this project to a few of my friends, they quickly decided to join me and that is how this team project came to be what it is!

Why did you decide to do this project? Ever since college started, I had a busy life and always seemed to run out of time to try out creative projects. I am very interested in how things are made & work and any art media therefore I wanted to use this project to explore art of all sorts, practice & improve in art, and inspire others as I inspire myself.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It has helped me relax during my hectic schedule and look at life through a different view, finding art in everything. It also helped me improve my skills in multiple areas {sewing, photography, design, & webdesign}.

See a calendar of Lorina's creations HERE.

And stay tuned for more from this group all week!

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