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Ines Häufler in Vienna, Austria has decided to simply Be Creative. She explains, "As a kid I have been drawing, painting, making crafty things and inventing stories all the time. Also I always liked taking pictures. When I grew up I forgot about it. Now everything is coming back."...

Why did you decide to do this project? After some pretty intense years as a freelance script consultant I realized that I am constantly nurturing the creativity of others (scriptwriters in my case) but that I totally neglected my own original creative work. So my one and only New Year's resolution was: I am going to make something creative every day and post it on my website.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It had and has a huge impact on my life. While I still love working as a script consultant it is not the most important thing in my life any more. It is interesting how easy it was to make room for my creative project every day - maybe because I am really excited about it.

Also I realized after some time that storytelling is not only an important part of my work, but also of my personality because all of a sudden characters popped up and started to have little adventures, for example a plasticine figure called Anouk. She has developed a life of her own and is featured at least once a week.

In the last weeks creative collaborations with friends also started to play a bigger role - I organized a reading, have been invited to the studio of some artist friends to present my project and did an impromptu photo shoot with a friend of mine who is an actor. For the future I hope there will be more collaborative projects, and I also want to start a bigger project with Anouk's adventures.
This project adds something very important to my life that I really missed during the last years. And I am still very curious where my next idea will lead me.

See all of Ines' creative creations HERE.

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Ines Häufler said...

Thanks for featuring my project, Noah!