Creative Animalia Daily

Nicola Gray in New Zealand is making Creative Animalia Daily...

Why did you decide to do this project? In this busy life, this is a way to force myself to make the time for creativity. I dream ideas and new paintings or creations so often and then let them just drift into the universe unrealised (which seems a common theme here). In the beginning, I was planning to tackle creative moments from the Journal, but then my creative mind went slightly crazy and began to picture bigger and stranger things. (Not sure at this point whether to curse or thank you)

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Just around the corner from 100 days, I can sum up the journey with words like hectic, sleep-deprived, frustrating, fun, creative and fulfilling. My skill base is growing, and I am enjoying tackling new skills like pattern making and wire armature. Sometimes a project can be a few days long, and some are just quick ones to fulfil the daily pledge. But the variety is one of the fabulous things, every day brings something new. It still amazes me, that split second after a project is completed and the vision from your head is realised (or at least kinda close). It makes me kick myself for all the projects over the years I COULD have done, and didn’t find time for!! It’s also been great sharing the project with others on the blog and seeing what everyone else is creating on their 365. This is also a huge motivator on days when creative juices are sluggish.

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