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Dianna Malinao in Fullerton, California is doing a 365 Art Journal. She explains, "For my 365 project I am working in a journal everyday and creating art. My art journal is mixed media, it's where I can get messy and explore new techniques and ideas without worrying about being perfect or just right. This is a learning process and a way of discovering what I can do without limitations. Each day I work in my journal, sometimes it's simply painting a background and other times I'll complete a whole page. Since I work full-time I felt completing a journal page everyday would be too demanding for my schedule."

Why did you decide to do this project? I learned about art journaling when I started watching youtube videos by Teesha Moore. She does a lot of collage and cool pen work in her journals that I really admire. I started out creating a mini journal. When I finished it I made a larger one and have been doing my 365 project in that. At first I didn't really understand what art journaling was and I mostly added paint for a background and then did a border around the page and would add some doodles here and there. I left the background mostly blank because I thought I would use this journal as a regular journal....well that traditional idea flew out the window once I started looking at other how to videos and exploring other peoples art journaling. Art journaling has become a new way for me to express myself and what I am feeling that day or years ago. There is a fun and healing quality to it for me all at the same time. Once I have completed a journal page I feel very satisfied looking at the final page. Half the time I can't believe it was something that I created!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?  I am committed everyday to do something with art which has been amazing. I am no longer spending too many hours watching TV. I have loved all kinds of art since I was a kid. I corchet, scrapbook, make beaded jewelry, draw and just about anything else I can get my hands on. Working in my art journal everyday has been a learning process, it is where I throw out my self-doubts and tell my perfectionist critiquing to take a hike and enjoy the process of making art. As I progress with this project I am realizing and using more and more of my potential and learning about myself at the same time. I really enjoy the process of painting, gluing and getting my hands messy. I use everything from tissue paper to bubble wrap to home made stamps. It's all about being creative and not worrying about making a mistake and pushing yourself further even when you like what you already have. I have tendency to put myself in a box because it's where I feel safe and that's where my perfectionist self rules. With art journaling I am free to explore and do as I please and push myself to do more without limits.

I have found an online art journal studio for women called Wild Precious Studio, and have made some wonderful friends there. There is lots of ispiration to be found in this studio, everyone is supportive, caring and encouraging. Some of my journal pages are inspired from journal prompts and other e-courses at that online studio. To view the content you have to be a member but it is free to join. I have also started doing art journaling with a friend and teaching her how to do it, there are no rules in art journaling, but she is used to painting with oils. I have even taught my sister about art journaling and she has made her own journal to create in. I have enjoyed sharing my art and my journal pages with friends and family. Everyone has been supportive and encouraging.

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Michelle said...

Awesome!!! You are an inspiration to me and so many others. Art journaling is definately a good stress reliever. Thank you for teaching me your techniques and for always accepting me for who I am. I love you sister of mine!