Facing the Daze

Whitney Baumann in San Diego, California and "soon to be NYC (woo woo)" is doing Facing the Daze: Whit's Face a Day project HERE and HERE.

She explains: When I started this project I jokingly created a little slogan for it: "One woman. One face. One day. One year."

However, 31 days into it, my semi-melodramatic slogan is pretty fitting for my 365 project. I'm creating a face (or often faces) a day, for a year (and I am a woman!.... hear me ROAR..haha).

Plus, I think "Facing the Daze" illustrates the point of life I'm at right now.  After graduating college last December, I'm amazed at how quickly days, months, and even a year has passed.... Without a tangible goal (i.e. a degree) in my life to strive towards,  my life can feel like a daze.

Why did you decide to do this project? A wonderful friend, Sun, gave me this book for my 24th birthday (August 10th). She has always supported and believed in my creativity, and I think this was exactly the nudge I needed.

Basically, best birthday gift ever!!!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?
  1. My creative brain muscles are definitely getting a daily workout (They are bulking up)
  2. I have a new found confidence in my creativeness/art. I share my art about a 1000x more than I used to... & people I know share with others too!
  3. I've taught myself new techniques and explored new mediums.. This includes hand sewing, papercutting, stencil-making, and more & more & more...
  4. Even though I am horrible at time management, I've learned to allot time for my faces... &, more importantly, I look forward to having my creative time..
  5. Because of #4 I have had a lot less sleeping time..
  6. {unknown}, it has only been 31 days, I can't wait to see what happens with a year...

See all of Whitney's faces on Wordpress HERE and Blogger HERE

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