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Tephyr Burgess in Hancock,  Massachusetts is going to try to do one different challenge a week, starting this week with 5 Days/ 5 Canvases...

Why did you decide to do this project? Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Leiomyo Sarcoma: considered a terminal disease. I went through a lot, as you can imagine, and when done feeling sorry for myself I made a 180 degree turn in my life and returned to doing studio art. (I’d been a teacher of Medicinal and Metaphysical Herbalism and ran a small herb business).

I’ve been working even harder to get my creativity kick started and had heard of other artists doing similar projects and always thought I’d like to try one but felt daunted by a year commitment. Partly as I go through stages where I don’t feel well or going through treatment and so really can’t commit. But I realized I could do small ones when I am feeling up to it.

I also did Julia Cameron’s Artist Way and worked with a Face Book group doing the same and have found a lot of inspiration to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve had my blog for some time but it had never occurred to me to write about my art work. I’ve also started posting my work on my Face Book page as well as an online Art group I belong to.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Well.. I just started. This is only my second day. But so far I’ve loved it and I look forward to sitting down and getting one done. And rather then get in the way of other projects I seem to be able to focus on them more. Like the little canvas projects are warm ups.

I’ve been so enthused about getting into the studio to do them I changed my daily schedule of getting my house hold chores done before the studio and now head to the studio first. Then, after, I do all that stuff we have to do so the house doesn’t fall apart; which so far it hasn’t. I think it’s good for me to change my perspective that the art comes first; mundane stuff can wait.

See all of Tephyr's canvases and future projects HERE.

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