A Stamp A Day

Gertie Jaquet in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is making a Stamp a Day.   

Why did you decide to do this project? I'm a children's book illustrator who loves making stamps.
For many years I've been making them, just to relax between my illustration commissions, but I thought time had come to show them to the world. I like the personal challenge of this everyday project.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Many different stamping themes came to me during the year, some better than others, but many of them I would never have discovered without this 365 days project.

All the nice reactions I have got, sheered me up and stimulated me to go on.

I'm doing a lot of stamp carving workshops with people who have seen my blog and want to make their own stamps.

More and more I am using stamps in my illustration work.

Here an example from a flamenco fairy tale picture book I'm working on:

On holidays a 356 project can be a bit tricky, but luckily my daughter showed me how to program blog-post for many days in advance!

See all of Gertie's stamps HERE.

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Susan Sondeyker said...

Great site/blog of Gertie, very inspirational!
I'm from the netherlands too and just started my 365 days project and will definitely need on my way more and more inspiration to get unstuck on my 365 days project.
I'm going to be creative in many ways with my project www.365dagencreatief.blogspot.com is the link.
I grew up thinking I wasn't creative, but after my first marriage I learned that being creative can work out in many ways, being creative with money, making a warm welcome home and during those days as a single mom I did some courses, mandala colouring and later drawing, workshop dreamcatcher and intuitive drawing/painting, inner child course and these days I make my own jewelry from gemstone beads and make other art with gemstones.
So now I challenged myself to be creative again and for lots of things for the first time to get unstuck.
I definitely can use all the support and ideas for my project.