Through the Forest in 365 Days

Michelle Kavanagh from Glasgow, Scotland is making a tree a day and going Through the Forest in 365 Days...

Why did you decide to do this project? I have just finished a college course in Model Making and 3D design. I have been unable to find model making work but still have bills to pay and I was worried that, if I ended up in a job that was not creative then all the valuable skills I had developed would be quickly lost. I wanted to do something that would keep my creative juices flowing but that I would also be able to persist with at those times when a dull job would leave me tired and uninspired. The stories of other artists on the 365 website really resonated with me and I thought it seems to have really helped them this could help me too.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It has given me true hope. It has allowed me to have faith and confidence in myself. I have tried many tricks, timetables, planners, books etc. and yet every time I would encounter difficulty, either creatively or just through everyday life, I would hit a brick wall and whatever I would be working on would fall by the wayside.
Doing this project has been so different. At times when I have finished work late and been really tired I have still managed to complete a tree. If it had been any other creative endeavour I would not have found the energy to work on it when I was feeling exhausted. Admittedly some of the trees are better than others but even that is a gift. Somehow doing this project has allowed me to break through the mental wall built by my perfectionist nature. Often I worry about what I will make my tree of on a particular day but then, as soon as I actually sit down to make it the idea comes to me. In fact I have found myself with a particular idea/material in my head or hand and then at the last minute I spot something else that makes me think “let’s try that”. I love it when that happens because it says to me that the possibilities are endless and that I don’t need to be afraid about my abilities.

See all of Michelle's trees HERE.

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