365 Characters 1 Mira

Mira Kaufman in Atlanta, Georgia is making 365 Characters 1 Mira...

Why did you decide to do this project?  I read the "Skulls" book with 125 of the skulls made on skulladay.com and I was really inspired! I love art and I wanted to hoan my skills as an artist. I'm only twelve so I thought doing something like this would really improve my artwork. It makes me commited to sitting down and drawing or painting or something everyday. Sometimes it's hard to make yourself start an art project, but with 365 projects you force yourself to do it. Now I'm really happy drawing something new everyday, and sharing it with my friends. I have only been going for about a month, but I hope I can stay on track!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It has definitely made me more organized. Juggling homework, sports, and the 365 project has made me think out my day, which may help me in the future [just maybe..]. Also doing this project has let me find lots of other awesome people who are doing 365 projects as well. I can see what they are making, and I get so inspired by their work.

I also love having all this artwork around my room. Whenever I need to decorate i just take one of the pieces I've drawn and stick it there.

Doing a 365 project is awesome, and right now I'd encourage anybody to do it!

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