365 Days ~ An Image A Day, What It Means To Be...

Terin Christensen in Danville, California is creating 365 Days ~ An Image A Day, What It Means To Be... 

Why did you decide to do this project? Dedicated to my daughter and my mother.... Women who have challenged me and pushed me to grow. This project started with a book my daughter sent to me entitled  365: A Daily Creativity Journal.

I have committed to posting images for 365 days. Initially I thought I’d shoot a picture a day of different woman, but quickly realized that was not a realistic goal. Subsequently, I’ve broken the project down into shooting one person per week thus posting four daily images that capture their essence. The remaining days in the week will be peppered with photographs of my mother and miscellaneous images that reflect my voice.

Each person will be asked “What does it mean to be a woman?” or “What does it mean to be you?” Their responses will present insight into the mysteries that lie within them and define them.

I’m sure this road will take me down some crazy paths and the project will morph along the way. Life is a sweet short ride and thank you for traveling along with me.

Courage to follow one’s heart and to use one’s brain is essential!

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