Sam 365 Skeleton

Suz Terzuola in Albuquerque New Mexico is spending documenting Samantha a life size medical model skeleton that traevels the world with her in Sam 365 Skeleton.

Why did you decide to do this project? I have always loved skeletons.  I use them in my art work, and jewelry.  During a medical illustration class a hundred years ago, I fell in love with the bones.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? The interaction between Samantha and people who meet her can be magical.  There is no middle ground as to their response. They either love her or hate her.  Such strong emotions I've seen!  We were almost arrested in Rome at the Colosseum.  I was called a "brutta" before we were invited to leave. At Christmas she got as many gifts as I did!

She is my size, so carrying her around, through airports and busy cities is labor intensive.  TSA, Depatrment of Agriculture have had their way with her.  I am about to have a custom case made for travel.  We still have NY, NH, Germany, Berlin, and Chicago have booked tickets. 

I tell people that the real  "ART" happens in the experience.

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See all of Suz's travels with Samantha HERE. You can also find Sam on Facebook and Etsy.

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Annie Gregson said...

You're such a rabble rouser, carrying Sam through all those airports! You sure do give all those TSA employees something to talk about. Love your project.