365 videos. A Year For Adventure.

Tazie K in Bristol, UK is creating 365 videos. A Year For Adventure...

Why did you decide to do this project? I decided to start a 365 project after seeing all the fun my sister Luna was having with her 365 boats project. I'd known for a while I wanted to make videos, I've always had a love for the visual arts. I had been watching so many awesome YouTube Vlogers, musicians, creative types or reading blogs on blogger I enjoyed being part of the revolution of free media as a viewer so decided to step out from the shadows and start my own channel.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Every day I'm coming up with a new challenge for myself, whether it be in the editing of a video or the filming im constantly learning new things with a lot of help from online tutorials of course. I love were each video takes me even if quite often there still filmed inside the house there always so much fun to create. So far I've got two Favorites. The slow-mo ball throw which was just great fun to film and edit we chucked so many paper balls at Luna and then playing it back at different speeds you could see Luna trying to dodge each ball. Number two is the speed crafts which was the 2nd video. This one was great it was the first video using premiere pro and i had to learn a lot that day in a very short space of time.

See all of Tazie's videos on her blog or on YouTube.

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