Just Dave's Creations: 365 Days of Creatures

David Hoffmann in Minneapolis, Minnesota after completing a year working with color is now spending a year making 365 Days of Creatures...

Why did you decide to do this project?
I did finish last years 365 day project around the theme of color.  I decided to continue on this year.  I changed it though to doing a different creature a day for a year.  The highlight of las year's blog for me was the days I created a creature, like the sad frogs or monsters or the snowmen.

I decided to continue on with this, because I had so many people encourage me to continue.  They looked forward to the things I created and it became part of their week.  It also became a habit, a rather fun one. I'm even more excited this year because of the new direction.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?
My students (I'm an elementary art teacher) now ask weekly what creature did you do today?  They get really excited to see what I came up with.   It shows them things I do as an artist and they can be
inspired to try new things as well.

My hope is to take these creatures and turn them eventually into larger pieces, greeting cards, t-shirt ideas, etc...  It's just plain fun and paper art is a medium I love, but failed to ever spend much time in.

See all of Dave's creatures HERE.

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Lisa said...

Dave is so inspiring. What an AMAZING teacher he must be and how lucky his students are to learn from him.

Keep up the great work