365 Days of Basset Hounds

Lisa Northrup in Colorado is creating 365 Days of Basset Hounds...

 Why did you decide to do this project? I have two pure bred year old basset pups referred to in my work as "the boys". They are such a ray of sunshine in my life that when I was looking for an idea it came to me while I was thinking and scratching them on the head. 

I am a perpetual planner and love daily tasks.  For the last two years I have posted a "prompt of the day" on my FB wall to inspiring my friends to take a moment and think about something every day.  It is very popular apparently because people think something has happened if I miss even a day.  I also post up on my FB wall a post quote/picture each day.  This reminds me and hopefully others to start each day of with a positive thought.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? On a personal note, I embarked on a lifelong dream to learn to paint and draw this year. I now belong to an art group. This challenge has been instrumental in keeping my creative juices fresh and flowing every day.  While I don't always have the time to paint or draw I can always find time for a craft project.  On another side note, I am loving following others who are on their journey and supporting them.  I found a 365ers - 2013 FB group and follow your 365 Day Project FB page.  I have made some great new friends.

While I am only 62 days into my challenge I am absolutely certain that after I complete this 365 Challenge I will be ready to start on another one.  Thank you so much for the wonderful book and idea.  It's great!

See all of Lisa's Bassets HERE.

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