365 Hands Follow-Up

Kim Knapp completed her yearlong 365 Hands project on Saturday May 4, 2013...

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? I’ve learned much over the past 365 days… here’s a list of the highlights
  •  Success …. Reached my goal. I can do anything I put my mind to. 
  •  Support … I could not have done this without the support of my wonderful husband who had to live with my daily “hand” chatter, antics and photos. 
  •  I found the artist in me… I’m an Artist… commissioned the first 50 hands for Art-O-Mat 
  • Time … NO EXCUSES… I found the time daily to be creative and blog. I learned that there are enough hours in a day. 
  • JOY … I found joy each day … from creating, making a mess, the smell of paint, glue, crayons and markers, working under pressure, feedback from family, friends and strangers, to the simplest hand finds which brought a smile to my face, as I went out and about my daily activities
  •  Sharp … my mind is clearer, I make business decisions quicker and easier and I am not so hung up in details and the “what ifs”. I’m more creative with my business and daily tasks at work. 
  •  I love hand prints in concrete… if I drove a cement truck and laid concrete for a living, I would leave a hand print in my work at every job. I’m sure they have rules about that. I wouldn’t make it long on the job! 
  •  I learned to Blog… this was my first…. Blogging is fun! There will be more blogs in my future 
  • I appreciate my right and left hand… they are of value and I don’t take them for granted.

Now what? Four ongoing projects as a result of this blog:
  • Lend A Hand Project (helping others) 
  • The Inkspot Family (children’s book) 
  • Art-O-Mat (hand sculpture for sale) 
  • Hand Art in Concrete (calendar and wall art) 

Read Kim's original 365 interview HERE.

See all of her hands HERE.


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