Kathleen's Daily Collage

Kathleen Loomis in Louisville, Kentucky is creating Daily Collage...

Kathleen was featured HERE last year for her daily hand-stitching art project.  At the end of the year, she stitched the four-inch squares together into panels, three months each, arranged like a calendar, with Sunday at the left and Saturday at the right.

This year she is doing a daily collage.  The supports are old cards from library card catalogs (she scored a lifetime supply when two local libraries replaced their old-fashioned paper cards with online catalogs).

Why did you decide to do this project?  What I said last year is still true:  I've done some kind of daily art every year but one since 2001.  I like the structure and discipline of daily art, but since each installment is relatively small it gives me plenty of freedom to experiment and be frivolous within the larger, more serious framework of a year-long commitment.  Each year I choose a new set of rules.

How has doing a daily project affected your life?  Last year’s hand-stitching project made me realize how much I love embroidery, a skill I learned from my grandmothers as a child but had neglected for many years.  As I stitched a small piece every day I also worked on several much larger pieces.

This year I chose to do collage because it is a genre that has always fascinated me, but that I had never felt very confident about.  I decided that in a 3x5” area you couldn’t go very far wrong, and I think the small format has been an important element in helping me become more comfortable and fluent.  I am loving the project, learning what kinds of images work best for collage and trying to develop my own voice.   I think I’ll do collage again next year for my daily art, maybe moving up to 4x6”.

See all of Kathy’s collage work HERE.

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