The Me Project

Jamie Kerr Weinstein in Richmond, Virginia is creating daily in The Me Project...

Why did you decide to do this project? I was inspired by the Skull-A-Day project around 4 years ago. I put it on a mental “To Do” list and two years later started doing a 30 minute drawing a day. Then life got in the way and I quit. I then found myself in a retail job selling Noah Scalin’s cardboard skulls and thought, “This is all wrong. I should be creating.” I quit my job and am pursuing more suitable opportunities. My website and blog are part of the journey.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Doing the daily project has affected my life because it gives me a venue to display my voice. I am a very visual and sensory sensitive person. I don’t know where my blog and website are leading me but I have a newly found confidence, that I lost after focusing on being a mom of two boys under 4. Now, if I need a “pick me up”, I can look online and see a tangible, cohesive set of thoughts, paintings and projects that are mine, all mine! Despite the fact that I love playing the piano, drawing and writing, I don’t like to perform. Making this website gives me a chance to voice my opinions, tell stories about my family and interact with the world while still maintaining some solitude. 

See all of Jamie's work HERE.

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