Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Daily Cootie Catcher

My friend Michelle Taute in Cincinnati, Ohio is spending a year creating The Daily Cootie Catcher

She says these old school paper fortune tellers, "are [mostly] for adults and they cover all kinds of topics (Valentine’s Fortunes for the Chronically Single, Will You Reproduce?, Tattoos and You). Each one is available as a free PDF that you can download, fold up and start having fun with right away."...

Why did you decide to do this project? First, I’m a big fan of Skull-A-Day and your book! They both made me want to do a daily project. Once I started thinking about ideas, I remembered how much fun I had with cootie catchers—those little paper fortune tellers—in grade school. So, I thought, why can’t adults still have fun with those? One of my designer friends made me a template, and I started writing fortunes on a different theme each day.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I’m a busy freelance writer, so my personal projects often get pushed to the side by client work. This forces me to do a little of my own work each day. It’s also helped me be less of a perfectionist. I can’t think about the copy too long if I’m actually going to make a fortune teller every day. Also, it loosens me up because I know I’m going to make 365 of them. If I don’t get it right today, I’ve got another shot tomorrow. And the next day, and …

Download all of Michelle's cootie catchers on her blog HERE.

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Teresa said...

Man, people come up with the best projects! I love this idea! It's so kooky!