Owl A Day

Emily Mello in Boulder, Colorado is creating The Daily Owl. She says, "I recently purchased A Daily Creativity Journal - 365 - Make Something Every Day And Change Your Life... I have decided to blog about my attempts at the prompts given in the book, and I have chosen my own theme for another personal daily project.  Owls.  I will make an owl a day, and post a picture and description of it.  I am hoping for some support via the blogging world - It is easier to complete such a huge goal when you have an audience to entertain.  :D."...

Why did you decide to do this project? I have always been one of those people who will set out these spectacular goals for myself, but I am never able to follow through with them, for whatever reasons arise.  I have my mind set on this.  I found this book and all of the blogs related to it, and not I am too inspired to stay quiet.  I want to complete the book AND make an owl a day.  Maybe I can spice up my life a little.  Shake things up.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Well, I literally JUST started this project today.  I couldn't say that it has had any more affect than inspiration at this point, but I anticipate much growth and dedication.  Please, tell your friends.  :D.  I don' t want to do this by myself! I would love for some feedback! <3

See all of Emily's Owls HERE.

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