Geekhearts A Day

Rebekah Lock in the UK is creating Geekhearts A Day for a year. She explains, "I’ve decided to create a heart each day based on something that inspires me that day. By this I means that if I have an idea already that I want to do – I can only do that if I combine it with a daily inspiration…for example this could be a decaying fruit, a new artist I discover or resource I find online. Alternatively I may  be instantly inspired by something I see or new media I wasn’t to experiment with."

Why did you decide to do this project? I wanted to make sure I give myself some ‘me time’ everyday and allow time to grow, learn and indulge in my passion to be creative. I get caught-up in the ‘perfections’ of my profession and I suppose this is me breaking free from the grid and playing with my inner-creative-child!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I started seeing hearts everywhere a couple of weeks in, it felt almost obsessive but now quite natural. I’m often up late working right-up to the last few minutes in the day. I get excited about creating the ‘heart art’ every day. My greatest achievement so far is inspiring people (family, friends, people I’ve never met-just connected with online) to create hearts and send them to me…which led me to set up the ‘heart donors page’ on the blog. I’ve produced other artwork through newly discovered techniques-which I wouldn’t have done before.   

See all of Rebekah's hearts HERE.

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