Called to Create

Suzanne L. Vinson in Richmond, VA spent 2010 doing a creative act a day and now in 2011 she's documenting "glimpses of the sacred (in daily living)"...

Why did you decide to do this project? as an artist and minister i experience the power of naming: naming truths, grief, experience. sharing life stories, sacred stories.  in the midst of living a creative life and sharing creativity with others as a way to encounter healing, i wanted to visually demonstrate what it means to name "creativity".  so many who attend my creativity circles and retreats say, "oh, but i'm not creative." and of course, I say, "oh, but, you are!"  so in 2010 i wanted to flesh out what i see and live as creativity: taking notice, sharing, opening up to a new experience, tasting a new food, making something using your hands.

the practice was so delightful, creating a new mindfulness in each day that i knew i wanted to continue the practice in this year. much of what i do is to combine my spiritual expressions with creativity.  i see the sacred in dirt.  i see the sacred while sweeping the floors.  creativity is a sacred act. so, the natural movement became "glimpses of the sacred in the every day".  art meets spirit.  it's fitting, the groups and gatherings are aptly named art+spirit groups.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? each year affects the next.  each experience holds value.  by becoming more in tune with the sacred in the every day, i become more present, more centered, and find a new awareness in each day.  it's a good practice and i love the rhythm of my own internal practice, then articulating the practice the following day (or sometimes the actual day) to others who have joined the journey.  the connections met through the blog have been really lovely.  it's a sacred space, indeed.

See all of Suzanne's daily glimpses of the sacred HERE.

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