Lori's Daily Personal Art Blog

Lori Weitzel in Winter Park, Florida is doing what she calls, Orlando Illustrator: Lori Weitzel A Daily Personal Art Blog. She explains, "using the format of paint color chips and daily inspiration boards I visually journal what I am working on or thinking about. I sometimes use others photography or images (I credit them), to support the art and feeling that I create that day."...

Why did you decide to do this project? Like  writers who need to stop reading and start writing daily, I felt a need to force myself to stop surfing and do illustrations each day to help me hone in and develop a recognizable look and style to my art. At first it was a private art journal,  but once I got discovered I decided to use it as self promo. I  just moved to Orlando and wanted to get some exposure to obtain freelance editorial illustration work. I question whether its the best way to promote my work, since not all of this is my finest hour.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It has been therapeutic and rewarding to complete work so fast. Logistically, besides paid work that must come first, it has been tough because I want to get the illustration done before the boys come home from school. Often I have not lived enough of the day to have inspiration yet, so I end up working on it at night when I should be having family time. I am getting faster and my goal is to be able to produce the post earlier in the day.

See all of Lori's art HERE.

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