365 Days and Painting

Natalia Buitrago in Atlanta, Georgia is doing 365 Days and Painting.

She explains...
I am painting on a mini 3"x3" canvas every day for 365 days. I love going to book stores and reading different books, usually about anything that has to do with the arts. I literally picked up your book because it was in front of me and the cover caught my attention. I read it and became super excited about doing a project. It was the end of December 2010 so it was perfect timing for a new project to start in the new year 2011. no silly new year resolutions.. but instead a daily project documented in a digital blog that everyone could see. The ideas about what to do started to flow.. I finally decided to combine two of my favorite hobbies, Painting and collecting Pinky St (which are 4 inch tall figures). So I decided I would paint a mini painting every day of whatever I wanted that day and would take a pinky st and serve as a model for my painting. I sometimes coordinate them together and sometimes not. I am really enjoying this project, family and friends truly keep me motivated to keep going.

Why did you decide to do this project? I decided to do this project because it looked challenging as well as fun and interesting. Also to improve my creativity as a graphic designer.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?
Doing a yearlong/daily project has affected me in a very positive way, I truly appreciate my family and friends for following my blog and always writing positive and encouraging messages. Being committed to doing something every day is not easy and consistency is the key to any successful project. I really like the idea of challenging myself to make something new each day.

See all of Natalia's days & paintings HERE.


Krystal said...

I love this!

Lorina Daiana said...

wow this is awesome! :]