365 Freestyle Zentangles Project

Yvonne Kettner, a Dutch woman living in Germany, is doing a 365 freestyle zentangles project...

Why did you decide to do this project? A few months ago I saw your 365 project Skull-A-Day and I knew immediately that I wanted to do such a project by myself. I didn´t need to think long, because I really love to make black and white drawings, so I started on 1-9-2011.

I have  posted my freestyle zentangles on facebook: driehonderdvijfenzestig kunstwerken  since then.
Because I needed a URL to share my 365 project with you, I have made a Blog today and filled it with the freestyle zentangles I have made till now, 52 total.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I make a lot of art, in different categories; collages, sculpture, "Crazy hearts" and "Strange birds", to name a few and although I work on those on a regular basis I had never worked on something on a daily basis, that's something different.  It needs discipline, but after a short time I mastered that very well.

I'm surprised that it is not boring that I "must" draw every day and very surprised that I can come up with a different drawing every day!

And I reallly like the feedback I become  from everyone.

People tell me what they see in my drawings and  a musician even asked me to draw a freestyle zentangle for his CD-cover!

I love to work on my project and will go on, hopefully for a long time.

See all of Yvonne's Zentangles HERE.

And to find out more about Zentangles go HERE.

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