Arthur Doomer an illustrator in Teresina, PiauĂ­, Brazil (whose work I have previously featured on my Skull-A-Day site) is making daily drawings...

Why did you decide to do this project? I draw everyday, as my job, to have fun or, even if I don’t want to, for involutary convulsions. So I just decided to put it somewhere on the internet. Honestly, it’s really a normal thing in my daily routine and has been almost 3 years drawing everyday. It deals with matter of daily practice and discipline.

 How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Everything. Can you imagine making everyday something you really love? Your body and soul thank you. The work with illustration itself is really great. It’s about meeting interesting people, it’s about travelling and it’s about doing mysterious connections. I mean, taking a look to the illustrations on my blog, some other day, my dear friend Josh S. from Bode Preto, visualized a complete publication,  and now he’s gonna put out my 1st book through his underground label Bode Preto Records. Can’t wait to see it on paper.

See all of Doomer's drawings HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE.

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