Wild Animal Flowers

Elena Watts (the daughter of yesterday's featured 365er Luke Payne!) in Cary, North Carolina is doing a daily poetry project she calls Wild Animal Flowers...

Untitled Thirteen

I’m moving from universe to universe,
and each one swirls around me,
and there’s little for me to do but watch.
People are strange,
I’m reminded everyday.
Because they formed these worlds,
and what ever the great plan was they formed in their minds,
I’d love to know.
They are structured, hectic, violent, and gray.
They are wild, inventive, and misshapen.
And they are everywhere.

Why did you decide to do this project? I decided to do this project because my dad was talking about doing it, and talking about the elements of it that made him nervous. And I first I was like, oh, no it wouldn't scare me to post a poem or something on Facebook where all my friends could read it, and I just thought the only hard thing about the project would be to make yourself do something every single day. But I think maybe a part of me knew just how wrong I was, because I felt the urge to try to put my money where my mouth was. So that's why I'm doing this challenge, plus it's fun.

Free Time

May be a little overrated,
because, really, how many of us use it well?

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I think the biggest way in which this project has affected my life is how much more aware I am of everything around me, and also all the things that run thought my mind. Now I go through my life aware of everything and anything that could inspire me. Even something as simple as noticing how lovely the leaves of an oak tree are the for the first time, in passing, I catch myself doing. And then it gets my brain going, and I start writing the poem in my head, and then I get so exited to get on my computer and bring it to life. Also, I think I relate to people differently too, a little bit. I'm still in grade school, and until this year I've never had any serious extra circulars, so people would ask me what kind of things I'm into, and I would never really know what to say. I've got hobbies, but I've always had a lot, and had never been super serious about any of them. But now I have something to say, now I can tell them that today I'll be writing my ninety-fourth poem.


I think it’s all in the glasses,
or maybe the hair,
I’m not sure.
Either way,
I’m enjoying the show.

Read all of Elena's poetry HERE.

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