Johanna's 365 Creations

Johanna Wilk in Stockholm, Sweden is making 365 creations. She explains, "Tried to decide to do ONE thing or style, but couldn't, so now I do 'an act of art' every day. Could be anything, a drawing, painting, installation, stop-motion etc. The only criteria is that it shall not be of any function at all, no 'second meaning' than Art for art's sake."...

Why did you decide to do this project?  For about 3 years I have done no artistic things at all, for different reasons. All inspiration and motivation went down the drain. Couldnt find one single reason to do anything that didnt bring me money or had some ”value”, art felt just like adding to the stack of ”unusable things” that doesnt do anyone any good.

On the other hand... when I was younger, and during my life, art has been the thing I do when Im down, or up, or as a gift to people I love, or to amuse myself, or just because I have that idea, or... And now is the time to wake that in me again, in short; Thats me.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?  Ok, today I'm on day 6:-) I have fun! It helps me to let go of the worst part of that inner judge that has stopped me doing this for quite a while. Which is a bit hard, 'cause ”you get good at what youre doing” – and I havent done any drawing or painting for a looong time.... But the only focus now is to get it done, what, how or level of achievement is totaly irrelevent. And that will most certanly do something with me – after 365 days!

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