Sanne's Hearts Project

Sanne Swinkels in Helmond, The Netherlands is doing a Hearts Project...

Why did you decide to do this project? It was february this year when I decided to do something funny. Back than, I hadn't even heard of this phenomenon of 365 days projects. I just wanted to do something a whole year long, something that kept me creative. It was actually february 14, and what fits better than a heart on Valentines day? Moreover, I've loved the shape of a heart my entire life, so that's wasn't difficult. That evening I made my first picture and since than I've made more than 180 pics.

How had doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?
This project has brought me so much interesting insights, for example that when you ask people for something, they love to give you that. But you do have to ask for it! Because otherwise they won't recognize your need. Because I ran out of hearts the second month, I asked my familiy and friends to help me with collecting these hearts. The result? Bags full of hearts, you can't even imagine! It took a while for everyone around me to get used to it, but nowadays I still receive postcards with hearts and even more bags of familiy and friends. Even strangers send me messages, for example some Dutch artist Sietske Ridders who had made a heart on her own window and sent me some material to make my own hart on my own window. How sweet! I also got asked for an interview on the local television show, and that call for hearts lead to so many postcards and mail, that's really amazing. 

See all of Sanne's hearts HERE.

She's also been collecting other people's 365 projects and sharing them on her site as well! Check em out HERE and see a short video she's made (in Dutch) about them HERE

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