A Butterfly A Day Keeps The Boredom At Bay

Emme Roberts a student at Bangor University in Bangor, Wales, UK is doing a project inspired by my book that she calls A Butterfly A Day Keeps The Boredom At Bay...

Why did you decide to do this project I decided to this this project as i am currently a third year history undergraduate and found that i was lacking in a creative outlet. I have always loved arts and crafts but have not felt able to do any in the past 2 years. I discovered your book whilst looking for 5 year journals and am very happy that i did.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?  As i have not been doing the project long I cannot tell how much this has affected my life, however so far it has made me feel more enthused about life and about my university work. I want to get my reading done for the day so that i can complete that days challenge, it gives me something else to think about instead of stressing about exams and essays. It also has given me a reason to get out of the house/library occasionly to find inspiration, materials, or even to complete the challenge (I am on day 4 today and will be going out for a walk later). I have really enjoyed the thrill of thinking creatively again and am very grateful for your book and for all the links to other peoples challenges on your website.

See all of Emme's butterflies HERE.

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