Friday, September 9, 2011

Flow likes 365

Flow magazine from the Netherlands recently interviewed me for an article about daily projects!  I can't actually read it, so hopefully I make sense in Dutch...

The article also features interviews with the creators of several other projects that heave been featured on this site including A Granny A Day, 365 Jars, and Peggy Tourchette's 365 Birds.

The magazine itself is really beautiful and features a bunch of cool things inside, including a giant wall chart with 365 ideas and sources of inspiration including a whole bunch of other projects by folks that have been on the site (and many that haven't).

If you can read Dutch I highly recommend getting a copy of this issue for yourself. More info is HERE.


sofie said...

I'm from Holland and read your interview in the magazine. It inspired me to start my own 365 days project! I'm now documenting an activity I do with my kids everyday.
Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!

Noah said...

That's great to hear Sophie! Please share the details with me and I'll post about it on the site:

Fashioncranberry said...

I read your interview as well in Flow, but I just can't decide what my subject will be for my own 365-project. although Flow gave 365 ideas!

Noah said...

Good luck picking a subject! I recommend not thinking to hard about it, getting started is the important part. Definitely share what you end up doing!

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

I got inspired by the article of Flow magazine as well.
I've been visiting your website allready a couple of times (found you via google) and just now realising it's you who gave me some great ideas and the inspiration to get started with my own 365 days project, so many thanks!!
My project on is in Dutch and in English.
I read the article on 15 December and startes of the next day! At this moment during the holidays I'll take it easy and just started drawing and colouring, so I don't put to much stress on myself during these busy days but definitely have lots of interesting projects in my mind to make and to share.
I've been creative with gemstones and beads lately but want to learn myself to think out of the box and learn to knit, make paintings, mozaiek and so much more so will definitely look around at your site to get more inspiration with other 365 days projects, so thanks for sharing and definitely come along over here and share my work! Lots of creative love from the Netherlands from Susan

Anne Guiberteau said...

I discovered Flow that I immediately loved and the 365 days project that I found exciting. So on the 1rst of April, I started my first blog in French then on the 1rst of May I started my second blog in English : they are friendly blogs to share ! Welcome !