365 Days of Heather

Heather Addley in Richmond, Virginia has set out to photograph herself (or at least part of herself) every day for a year in 365 Days of Heather...

Why did you decide to do this project? After trying a “failed” (I got about half way through the year) 365 project a few years ago I decided I was ready to give it another go. This time, with the support of friends doing similar projects and a new creative outlook on life, I know I can succeed.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I am constantly aware of what is around me and I always have my eye out for that perfect shot or idea. I am inspired by the littlest objects that I may have looked past before.  Also, I am using this as a tool to get to know myself and my body better. As a woman who has always had body image issues I know this is going to help me look at myself in a new light and find beauty where, in the past, may have been shame or disgust.

See a lot more of Heather on her blog HERE.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like an amazing project- good for you and good luck! : )

Heather Addley said...

Thank you, Morgan! :)