Living A Cute Life

Melanie in Australia is sharing something cute/kawaii in her life for an entire year, she calls it Living a Cute Life...

Why did you decide to do this project? When I started my blog ‘Beauty meets Kawaii’, I wanted to do something special.  I regularly post my own Beauty-related articles and as the blog combines my two loves ‘Beauty’ and ‘Kawaii’ (the Japanese word for Cute), I wanted to contribute more to the ‘Kawaii’ aspect of my blog.  As I was trying to sleep one night (I’m a night owl), I suddenly came up with the idea of committing to post one cute/kawaii-related item each day.  I am currently on Day 12 and I’m in love with my project!

How has a doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? As I am on Day 12 of ‘Living a Cute Life’, it is still fresh and exciting for me.  I know that down the track I may have times when I feel ‘stumped’ for an idea, but it is a challenge that I am determined to complete!

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