Smoke & Fire

Kerosene in Montreal, Quebec, Canada has decided to create a daily project called Smoke & Fire to help her quit smoking!

Why did you decide to do this project? I am trying not to smoke ~ again, and I decided to create a blog to replace that habit, to enlighten me on the nastiness of cigarettes, to keep track of my progress and to help me through the nic-fits.

I wanted to push myself to read more about quitting smoking and the harm of smoking. I knew the blog could become a great reference tool, where I could post useful tips, real information about nicotine and withdrawl symptoms, stuff I like to go back and reread. I also get include the great anti-smoking posters and such that I come across ~ particularly with skulls.

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How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I am not smoking and the coughing has already stopped. Yippee!

Having some creative fun and searching for useful information, while literally distracting myself from lighting up a cigarette has certainly been great for this beginning stage. I also follow the advice this time ~  which may sound funny but if you're a smoker you probably understand.  I have discovered there is something legitimate and cathartic when you post about such a personal struggle, even if it is to the abyss of the internet.

Doing the daily blog has made me more accountable to my resolution to quit. I don't see the blog as a burden, instead I see it as a tool and quick reference guide ~ as I know, staying smoke-free is a life long journey. And I will use it to be sure my son will never start smoking because that is the real answer!

Follow Kerosene's progress and get some helpful tips on staying smoke-free on her blog HERE.

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