Viral Kindness

My friend Joshua Berg in Burbank, CA has started a yearlong project he calls Viral Kindness!

In his words: I am not sure if this could be categorized as an art project but, certainly, a creative one.  Your 365-A-Day Journal inspired me to do an intentional kindness every day for a year.  In other words, something outside the realm of ordinary kindness that we would do anyway.  This is an act or action that would not have come about in normal day-to-day activities but is a step outside the routine - an extra effort.  I started the Facebook page, Viral Kindness for this purpose and, surprisingly, have found it difficult to update with new ideas daily.  That is definitely a commentary on how hard we have to work to find ways to give of ourselves.  It is easy to do the occasional charity work over the holidays or open the door for someone when the opportunity arises but, to find those opportunities or, indeed, create them daily is a challenge and takes intention and creativity.  It is vital that we practice to cultivate this ability.  So, I am going to do an extra kindness daily for 365 days starting on my 40th birthday, January 16th, 2011.

Why did you decide to do this project?  For the reasons stated above.  I have been practicing meditation and learning about loving kindness.  It has become so clear to me that cultivating kindness and goodwill toward others is what will really save the world.  I have two children and, for future generations, demonstrating for them how to take this action and inculcating them into kindness is probably the most important thing I can do.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? We'll see.

See what kindness Josh has been up to HERE.

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